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The Solar Wind Ion Composition Spectrometer (SWICS) and the Solar Wind
Ions Mass Spectrometer (SWIMS) instruments on ACE are optimized for
measurements of the chemical and isotopic composition of solar and
interstellar matter. Both instruments are time-of-flight mass
spectrometers with electrostatic analyzers, though each is optimized
for different measurements. SWICS determines the chemical and ionic
charge state composition of the solar wind and resolves H and He
isotopes of both solar and interstellar sources. SWICS also measures
the distribution functions of both the interstellar cloud and dust
cloud pickup ions up to energies of 100 keV/e. SWIMS measures the
chemical and isotopic composition of the solar wind for every element
between He and Ni, up to 10 keV/e.

ACE was successfully launched from a Delta II rocket in August
1997. It went to an orbit around the L1 point which allows the SWICS
and SWIMS instruments to record the solar wind composition without any
satellite trajectory related interruptions.

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